“Holistic Development centered around quality education is the need of the hour ”

Shri Ram Centennial Education Foundation (SRCEF)

Shri Ram Centennial Education Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization engaged in Education Management with a vision to create a platform that supports and manages the educational institution. SRCEF also envisions contributing to the well-being of children, the environment, communities, and mankind through well-planned activities. The foundation is contributing in field of vocational skills, disaster management, cultural, sports, and health care spheres to help the underprivileged.
To fulfill the mission SRCEF holds, we have built world-class schools across India and are fast approaching our goal of the school expansion program in India and abroad.

Our Philosophy

“Children are born learners and have skills to adapt and grow into unique individuals with the potential to make a difference always” — This is the underlying philosophy that rules the vision of The Centennial School. Each individual is borne complete and will also think work and act in completeness. The experiences in life facilitate the child to acquire skills for survival and community-collaborative living.
We are acutely sensitive to the nurturing of every child during the formative years when a human character takes shape. Children explore who they are in relation to the others in the world and who they are as unique individuals. They are encouraged to express interest, respect sensitivity, and responsibility while interacting with others. We believe in giving each student their space of expression and choices, and in the process make them happily responsible and accountable for their choices. This lays the foundation of the individuality of the child.
Experiential learning is the foundation of our pedagogy where the child learns from their experiences — to be accountable for their actions and choices. We try to imbibe in each child that it’s fine to fail but it’s imperative to keep acting till one succeeds It’s our endeavor that every child in our care is endowed with the noble qualities of character that make him or her a responsible and responsive member of the community.
To establish institutions imparting high-quality education by creating requisite infrastructure complemented by state-of-the-art technology; making excellence a natural inspiration, and to convert Shri Ram Centennial Institutions into a premier education hub.
To create a new benchmark in exemplary education driven by a consistent commitment towards providing complete knowledge based solutions that foster total career enlightenment for student and personnel.
  • Every child can succeed
  • Motivation, encouragement, and hard work are the cornerstones of a child’s success
  • Values such as truth, honesty, respect for others, humility, self-esteem, and positive thinking are essential for emotional stability and the development of the individual
  • Creativity in learning is a key success factor
  • The ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ principle is the basis of personality development
  • The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery
  • Life skills are an important component of a holistic education

The Centennial School is a new-age school that brings into use innovative modern pedagogies that empower young minds to harness their potential in a competitive 21st Century.


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