AboutThe Centennial School

The Centennial School is a new-age school that brings into use innovative modern pedagogies that empower young minds to harness their potential in a competitive 21st Century. As the name Centennial suggests ‘complete, entire, whole’, our one-of-a-kind curriculum and system supports children to flourish into promising individuals who constantly evolve in challenging times and develop high aspirations by being holistically developed.
We believe in helping every Centennialite be a SUPER ACHIEVER…

Something for everyone

Learning is a journey, consisting of meaningful & engaging activities
Promotes out of the box thinking, based on four facets of thinking framework
Helps know the “what”, “why”, and “how” of learning
Focusses on cognitive, social, emotional and meta-cognitive skills
Provides a “space for expression” to express the understanding of concept

TCS Rohini 13Vision

  • To create a community that will nurture and empower young minds.
  • To create a learning ambience for empowering students with the requisite skills to realise their uniqueness and to harness their inherent potential to the hilt. To soar high, achieve their dreams, and enrich society & community with their contributions.

TCS Rohini 13Mission

  • To guide students to understand their potential and uniqueness, while helping them achieve mastery in self-expression and communication.
  • To make each individual a productive and contributing member of society.
  • To provide a school community that is safe and proves to be a caring environment that promotes individuality, acceptance to co-exist and collaborate for the betterment of individuals as well as society; while fostering the intellectual, emotional, and physical well-being of each student. 
  • To inculcate a learning process that enhances innovation, risk-taking abilities and challenges one’s personal limits by continuously raising the bar.
  • To ensure that education in our school creates a caring contributor that excels in spheres of each student’s passion.
  • To nurture diversity for the strength it brings to education.
  • To promote education as a lifelong process that fosters personal and positive growth.

Our Inspiration

Lala Shri Ram

Inspired by the Iconic Educationist

A legend who was one of the first to work towards the education of women by establishing Lady Shri Ram College for Women in 1956, is one of our inspirations and idols that we look up to at The Centennial School.
Walt Disney

Inspired by the Pioneer of Animation

Drawing inspiration from another legend from another interesting field, who was amongst the first to present full-colour programming, we look forward to many firsts of our Centennialites. His imagination, optimism, and passion for bringing joy to people is what we try to imbibe in our students through our unique teaching pedagogies.

The Centennial School is a new-age school that brings into use innovative modern pedagogies that empower young minds to harness their potential in a competitive 21st Century.


Mon – Sat: 8 am – 3 pm

Sunday Off


19/2, Sector 13, Rohini, Delhi, 110085, India
+91 83778 37722